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Tiffany Lee Gaston

I recently had the distinct honor of being interviewed by none other than Obi Obadike, for his Ripped Roundtable piece on Bodybuilding.com.  Obi himself has been featured on magazine covers all around the world, is a top personal trainer, fitness model as well as motivational speaker and fitness columnist.  He’s even been coined  “the most ripped fitness model”.    I began to wonder what he doesn’t do!  Upon completion of our interview, I decided to turn the tables, (the ripped round tables, that is) and he graciously agreed to answer some of my questions in return.  I got to learn a bit more about the man behind the muscle.

There are so many schools of thought when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  I found it interesting to learn that we actually share many of the same beliefs when it comes to fitness and especially our training.  I am a big believer in HIIT, as is Obi.  Obi states, “why do cardio for 90 minutes when you can do it for 30 minutes and burn the same amount of calories?”  Let us remember, we are talking about very intense cardio for 30 minutes, not a leisurely stroll on the treadmill.  In the end, the benefit is the same if not better fat burn and you are in and out much quicker and on with the day.

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TLG: At what age did you first get involved in fitness?

Obi: I was about 16 years old and playing lots of sports in high school. I got really serious as I entered college on a track scholarship and weight training helped to make me a better athlete.

TLG: Who are your role models?

Obi: My parents are my role models, both of which instilled the importance of hard work and education to find success at achieving your goals.

TLG: What is your major motivation in getting and remaining fit?

Obi: My motivation is simply that I enjoy being in shape and working out.  I also believe that you can slow the aging process by being healthy and fit.  I’ve been working out and doing the same things for such a long time, that it is not difficult for me to stay in shape.

TLG: What is your diet like on a typical day?

Obi:  During the course of a typical day, I eat things like a medium apple,  a whey protein supplement, , oatmeal, broccoli, baked chicken, brown rice, broiled turkey, spinach and sweet potatoes.

TLG: Do you ever have a cheat meal, if so, what would it be?

Obi: A cheat meal may consist of a couple of slices of pizza, fried chicken or a chicken soft taco.

TLG: Do you perform any functional training or do you stick to lifting at the gym?

Obi: For functional training, I perform sprints, plyometrics, play basketball, boxing, etc.  I enjoy performing exercises outside of the gym because it makes working out more interesting and fun.


Obi offers custom tailored diet and workout programs to meet the individual needs of his clients. You can check out his amazing fat loss transformations at http://www.obiobadike.com where many people have benefited from his Perfect Anatomy Fat Loss Online System.  The results will speak for themselves.  He also has an ebook called The Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women available here http://www.obiobadike.com/ultimate-fat-loss/

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