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This week began a bit rocky. My latest meal plan is designed to fill me out and it’s definitely working.  I was struggling as I watched my weight climb little by little over these past 4 weeks.   Not that any woman likes to gain weight, but I believe my past with anorexia has the potential to make it a little tougher on me emotionally.  I’ve moved on and have a great attitude about these changes.

I’m looking forward to an awesome year and if I need to suck it up and push through this part then that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m noticing small changes nearly every day or two and its pretty cool to witness the fruits of your labor paying off.  Transformation is underway!

Sometimes you have to let go of what you think you want to go after what you know you want.  Deciphering the two can be the biggest challenge at times because your own perspective can get in the way.  It’s all right to question yourself occasionally, but after quiet contemplation, if it still feels right, you’ve got your answer.  For me, I’ve accepted this is all part of the experience, not my forever, and I am committed to seeing it through.  I know the girl that lies beneath the surface and she is still the same as she ever was.  Her shape may be changing, but her mind is open and she is on a mission.