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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Temptation?  You don’t mean these pretty cupcakes?  Well, I guess if you’re into that sort of thing.  I admit, it was a bit like being lost in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory over the weekend with all the treats around me.  A bit of a living nightmare indeed.  Easter was great, the family, fun, food and the memories.  Well, the food, not so exciting for me, but watching others enjoy it was good enough me.  I had a great cheat meal while attending a wedding on Saturday, so I didn’t mind.  In the past, I’ve felt deprived, left out even during holidays and events that have taken place while I’m getting ready for a show.  Halloweens, Thanksgivings, birthday parties, Easter, whatever.   There have been many.  I’ve found within me, a way to blend these two lives together.  Not always seamlessly, but better than ever before.  I’m just a girl going after a passion I’ve always had inside and aligning myself each new day with my goals.  I’ve realized that no food tastes as good as discipline, hard work and effort to achieve a goal.  I only want what I can’t have right now because I can’t have it.  It’s more psychological than anything else.  I am stronger than it!  A bit of a mind game I play with myself.  Cruel, isn’t it?

Despite some serious cravings and hunger, its been a decent week for me.   My metabolism is working overtime now which is good except that I literally feel myself mow over everything I eat.  Cardio was removed this week and will be added back in along with more food next week.  I was beginning to lean out too quickly again, so this effort should slow that down a bit.  I will resume it next week, likely with additional calories.  Worse scenarios to be in.

I’m hanging in and starting to get excited about my show.  It seemed so distant just last week, but is becoming more of a reality now. I had a great shoot with Mike Byerly this week and looking forward to seeing the results.  Mike is a talented photographer, having worked with everyone from Jamie Eason to Obi Obadike.  He was wonderful to work with and a real stand up guy.

Gymboss Timer Giveaway winners will be announced today!  Thanks for everyone that submitted!