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I’m just a girl, alone in the dark, chasing my dreams on a 7% incline. No one is awake, no one here to push me. I make myself do this madness. Just me and my own internal drive to be better. Better than yesterday, better than all my tomorrows. 

I will go after my dreams. I will chase them with passion, especially when you laugh in my face. Your weaknesses will not define or stop me. They will make my fire burn more intensely. 

I will run faster, harder, higher, longer. I will get there. No matter how many obstacles in my path, I will overcome. I will persevere. I will succeed. This is for me. – TLG

NPC Pittsburgh | 3 Weeks Out

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Great week and I’m right on track.  No news is good news.  I’m prepared for it to get harder and more exhausting, but surprisingly, things are just fine.  Maybe its because I was just here 5 months ago, maybe my mental outlook is better, maybe I’m tougher this time.  Perhaps it’s all of these factors.  Whatever is ultimately is, I am thrilled to be feeling this way at this stage and I aim to maintain.

With it being spring, I am in a great mood!  I am working on some dessert recipes to feature next week along with my interview with Max “The Body” Philisaire.  Staying busy and focused, that’s what I do!

Enjoy your weekend!