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North Americans

I am very pleased with my showing at the North Americans, my final show of the season.  I earned third place in both of my divisions and can’t say I’m unhappy about it.   Though most competitors feel they would’ve, should’ve, could’ve placed better, whether due to external circumstances, politics or whatever, I am content within myself and my efforts and I have improved from one show to the next all season.  As long as I can see that steady progress, I’m happy about the results.   Only I know how hard I’ve pushed and how far I’ve come and that is my ultimate reward.  I must say, had I placed second, I don’t think I’d have had the same feelings, only due to being just one spot away from that coveted pro card.  I’d be pissed in fact, no doubt about it!  I’m quite happy with the achievement of my personal goals set forth this year both in the long and short term.

Thank you to those that have supported me on this journey.  Trust me, I know how hard it is to live with a competitor!   I’m in such an amazing place right now as I enjoy some down time and prepare to set new goals and kick those in the teeth too.  I am eager to blend a bit more with my family and friends as I gear up for next year.  This has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have come so far in my first full season on the NPC National level circuit.  I aspire for greater things each and every day and will never be happy with remaining at a stand  still.  That’s the fun of it, challenging oneself  to be better tomorrow than today.  Ups and downs and everything in between, I’m in for the long haul!