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Because I eat a diet of all real food, I feel fairly confident I get decent, but not perfect, levels of vitamins.  I eat a good balance of foods, however, we can all benefit from the addition of vitamins and supplements to fill in the dietary gaps.

Some key supplements in my regimen are:


Digestive Enzymes
Fish Oil

This is it, in a nutshell.  Maybe it seems like a lot, but each and every thing has its place.  I currently don’t use any whey protein powder, I eat real protein in the form of turkey, ground beef, flank steak, orange roughy, chicken and eggs.  During my offseason, the ease of powders are definitely more convenient on the go, but not a luxury I currently benefit from.

Branched chain amines acids  are the building blocks of protein and increase the rate of protein synthesis (muscle gain) as well as aid in decrease of protein break down (muscle loss).  They help recovery from endurance exercise and I take them daily, both before and after I workout, on an empty stomach.

Glutamine helps with muscle recovery and immune system function.  I tend to have less muscle soreness when I take glutamine before and after my training and at night before bed.

Glucosamine promotes joint health and relieves joint pain and inflammation.  As a long time runner and athlete, I need all the help I can get in this department.

Collagen helps with healthy bones, skin, joints, tendons and ligaments.  Because the type I take has type 1, 2 and 3 collagen, it also helps cartilage, eyes, blood vessels and muscle tissue.

Digestive Enzymes do just that, aid in the breakdown of your food for better digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Fish Oil improves brain function and eyesight, reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces soreness from weight training, increases mental focus and helps with skin, joints and inflammation.  There are many more benefits to taking fish oil/Omega 3 fatty acids, but these are some of my reasons for taking them.

Multivitamin fills in any gaps lacking in my food.

Not all of these vitamins and supplements are right for everyone, these are things I take for my current needs.  Check with your doctor to see what can benefit your healthy eating habits.

Tiffany Lee Gaston