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We have a finite number of days here on this earth. Sometimes, we see the end in sight and other times, we must embrace each day not knowing when our final breath and hour will come. Since I was young, I’ve had an intense propensity towards continually challenging myself and a strong will for things I’m most passionate about. Living out loud, chasing goals and always getting better, it’s what I know and what I’m so grateful for. As I evolve and grow in the direction I’ve set forth for myself, I always question “what’s next?” You have to or you will backstep and fall victim to old habits or coasting and settling for mediocrity. It’s human nature. Since overcoming road blocks early in life, it’s become ingrained within me, to know my worth and to settle for nothing less. My internal drive is a powerful force and so is yours! The mind is your most powerful tool, so when you feel like quitting, I challenge you to dig deep and push harder. Just know that even when you think you’ve got nothing left in the tank, I promise you, you still have so much more. Nothing is more gratifying than looking back at what you’ve just achieved, especially in the eyes of self doubt, and knowing you’ve just smashed the sh$t out of it!

We embrace and honor the sacrifices of others for the freedom we so often take for granted. In this moment, feeling so very grateful and appreciative for the life I live! A very heartfelt “thank you” will never be enough to those that serve and to those who’ve paid the ultimate price for that freedom
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I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones in honor of our true heroes!