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Hey ladies…thought I’d send a little Monday morning motivation your way!  Guys, I’m sure this can serve to motivate you as well.  A nice lean set of abs is a sign of someone’s commitment to eating right and training hard.  This man lives and breathes health and fitness and shares that love with many.  He is none other than Max Philisaire of The Hollywood Body Club.

I love to pick the brains of fellow fitness industry pals and learn about what makes them tick.   We all have different goals and motivations and I’m often surprised by how vastly unique our training and diet methods may be.  It only goes to show you, that everyone’s body responds differently to different things.  People have their own philosophy on things and it all serves to show there are many ways to reach your goals, but consistency is the ultimate key.

I had the recent pleasure of interviewing Max “The Body” Philisaire.  Max is a down to earth guy with a physique from another planet.  He is passionate about what he does as well as the success of his clients.  Learn more about Max during my interview:


Age: 32

Height: 6’1

Weight: 195 lbs

TLG:  Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

MP:  I was born in Haiti, raised in South Florida and currently live in LA.

TLG:  Have you always been fit and in great shape?  If not, what was the turning point for you?

MP:  I’ve always been fit from playing soccer, basketball and track in school, but got in shape when I started a bodybuilding program after high school and before army boot camp.

TLG:  How old were you when you first found your passion for health and fitness?

MP:  I’ve always been active, it was always fun.  When I started lifting seriously at the age of 18, I enjoyed the results and the eedback.  It has been a roller coaster ride and the physical results are the least of the rewards.

TLG:  How long have you been a trainer and fitness model?

MP:  I’v been training and modeling since 2005 after the army

TLG:  Can you tell me about your experience in the army?

MP:  I adapt to any situation good or bad and I’m a problem solver.  This helped me cope with the ups and downs in the army and while deployed in the Middle East.  I loved the experience and what I learned.  Civilians don’t know how good they have it.

TLG:  Did you play any sports in school?

MP:  I did basketball and track.  I ran the mile in 4 minutes, 35 seconds

TLG:  Who are your role models in the industry?

MP:  I can’t say I have role models, but there are certainly things about people’s characters or accomplishments that inspire and motivate me.  Gregg Plitt changed the game.  I like what Lazar Angelov is doing on the east.  You inspire me Tiff.

As a matter of fact, everyone that challenges themselves to be better mentally, spiritually and/or physically inspires me.  I take a little something different from everyone.  I can’t run out of motivation this way.

TLG:  Do you have any children? If so, do they follow your lead on a healthy lifestyle?

MP:  No kids, need a wife first lol.  My kids will be active because it is fun and healthy.  I will add it to their daily routine just as we do with our tooth brushing sessions.

TLG:  What is your diet and training like?

MP:  You can see Max’s sample diet and training plan here on Bodybuilding.com

TLG:  What is your favorite cheat meal (assuming you do not eat perfect all the time!)

MP:  Burger and fries or slice of pizza.

TLG:  What are your thoughts on HIIT vs. slow steady state cardio?

MP:  They both work.  Older exercises are not less effective, it’s just that people react differently to different exercise and we have preferences.  You do what works best for your body and results.  Some people get quicker results with HIIT and some choose steady state and are happy with their results.  Which one is better? They don’t need to be compared.  One doesn’t have to replace the other.  They are different and that is ok.

TLG:  How many days a week do you workout?

MP:  I train 5 days a week, unless I get excited and randomly do 6!

TLG:  What is your favorite hobby or activity outside of the gym?

MP:  I love the beach, travelling, movies, and story development for screenplay.

TLG:  Do you take any supplements? If so, what?

MP:  Currently, I take EHPlabs Buzz Pre-workout, EHPlabs Cre-8 Creatine, casein protein and hydrolyzed protein.  I am sponsored by www.ehplabs.com

Max has a book out called “Built to Conquer” a total body transformation guide.  It’s available on all ebook sites. The link is here at www.hollywoodbodyclub.com.


Personal training and diet plans available as well.

Find Max here: