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I never knew there would be much of a difference.  I already had two daughters and I was about to welcome our first baby boy.  I know the routine, you become a human drinking fountain and a 24 nurse to a helpless little life.  I would soon discover the bond between a mother and a son was vastly different indeed.  Experiencing it for myself was proof.

He was born on January 3, 2009.  Weighing in at 10 lbs 11 oz and 23 1/2 inches long, I thought I was hallucinating from all the drugs being pumped into me.  A week after settling in at home with our newest baby, family and friends coming and going, the realization was there.  I have a son.  And holy sh%t, he weighed what?  I still can’t get over it.

He is about to turn 4 and is the light of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughters dearly, but there is just something very different  in having a son.  He is affectionate and snuggly and he really, really loves me.  He rarely lets me out of his sight even when I’d like to use the restroom alone.  He tells me I’m pretty and that he loves me, constantly.

I realize he will grow up and find another woman he really, really loves and is also pretty, but I know he’ll always love his mommy.  We have a special bond that I believe only a mother and son share.  Its so special I never believed it until I experienced it.  He has taught me so much in his short 4 years and I know there’s much more to come.

Happiest of birthdays to my little D man!