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I constantly babble about Paleo this and Paleo that.  It’s my way of life and its what I believe in when it comes to the foods I consume.  I speak of living a lifestyle free of grain and dairy and how great I feel.  Not that I felt badly before, but I feel amazing now.  Many of you are on my website because you too are a follower of the Paleo lifestyle, but there are many of you that may not be and still really don’t know what it is.

If you are tired of trying to eat healthy and loose weight and its just not clicking for you, perhaps this can help.  The theory behind how great this is for you is based on better health.  Weight loss just happens to occur when you eat more purely.  If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, suffer from poor sleep, digestive issues or any type of inflammatory disease, this is something I urge you to investigate for yourself.   It’s not a “fad” diet, in fact its no diet at all.  It’s a lifestyle, just as eating healthily is and has always been for me.  It’s a different mentality when it comes to eating and being healthy.  Eating like our ancestors did, eating like cavemen.  Simpler times, long before the introduction of agriculture and highly processed junk many of us eat today.  Running on optimal fuel for optimal health is what I’m speaking of.  Its no trend, its what our ancestors did long before we were ever around and decided that grain and wheat should become such a huge part of our recommended daily allowance (RDA).   All of the health issues that have stemmed from eating what the government suggests is a flat out joke.  Its what making us sick and for some causing a slow depreciation of our health.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to speak to one of my favorite Paleo authors, Dr. Loren Cordain.  You may be familiar with some of his books, The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Diet for AthletesThe Paleo Solution and The Paleo Answer.  Dr . Cordain was on the local radio and although I only had the opportunity to ask him one question, I did have several of interest.  You can hear his response here.


Eating this way has universal benefits for all.  I have been slowly trying to get my children to more of a Paleo diet and that has perhaps been my greatest challenge.   I have made it my mission to make gradual changes so they can have the same benefits as my husband and I receive from eating this way.  Eating this way perfectly, if it were even possible, is not feasible or even necessary to reap the benefits.  If you want to, then be my guest.  When we have a family dinner out on a Saturday night and it happens to be a “cheat meal” for me, I’m going for it.  When I want to put Sriracha on my food, I’m going to do that too.  If you still do better 85-90%% of the time, you’re golden.  I use whey supplements on occasion as a modern convenience  and I’m still better off for it.  If you want to drink bone broth like hardcore Cave-peeps do and pound on your chest, go for it.  I’m still still better off for my efforts and feeling great every day for the changes I’ve made in my life and I encourage you to do the same.  Your health and body will thank you for it.