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I took the above photo at Lake St. Mary’s in Celina, Ohio while visiting family last week. The sun was setting and the colors were beautiful.  So peaceful.

“If you try to please everyone, the one person who will not be happy is you.”
Author unknown.

Listen, I was captain of this team at one point, but no longer.  I am a wife, a mother and a person that has learned over time that it is entirely too exhausting to live life to please others.  I have lots of things on my plate on any given day, most of which I am quite happy to deal with.  The excess though, well that is another story.

This is about learning to say no.  Plain and simple.  You don’t have to give details or hurt anyone’s feelings.  You just have to learn when you are no longer available to give any more of yourself than you already have, it’s simply time to say no.

I have a handful of close friends that I seldom have the time I wish to spend with.  If I can’t spend the quality time I want with my best friend, who is also a mom of 3 children, then I will certainly not be making any space in my agenda for someone that has not been around for me as a friend in a time of need or is only a casual acquaintance.  We all have choices in life.  This has become one of mine.  I love my husband and children.  I cherish time with family and friends.  It’s more about time management than anything else.

If you live by this rule, you will be exhilarated with freedom and time from petty events and people that you would otherwise be giving of yourself to.

Take care of number one first and the rest will follow.  Free your self!

Live healthy,