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Tiffany Lee GastonSomeone once said to me, regarding my writing, “I don’t know why anyone would care about anything you have to say.”  A friend or foe, I began to wonder and was completely dumbfounded.  Time stood still as I attempted to process these cruel words.  After all, why would someone that I think cares about me ever say something hurtful like this?  I look back now and realize this was never really about me.  Her own self doubt and lack of confidence was clearly being projected onto me.

That moment stuck in my head like a bug to a windshield.  At a certain point, you have to realize that not everyone has your back, your best interest or even finds happiness in your successes.  It really shouldn’t be about that anyway, but often times it can be hurtful to not find the support you think you deserve from those closest to you. Once you learn to change your own perspective, you can learn to look past it.  Many times those that are not in support of you or your choices are disappointed they do not have their own drive.  Not everyone finds passion in the same things, but being around positive like-minded people should be a priority.  This can really serve to evaluate who your true friends are.

I realized the other day that these very words were and continue to be a driving force for me. I silently thank this person for the gift they’ve given me.   Being told “NO” only serves to ignite a fire in me that can not be stopped.  Rather than find anger, I’ve found my voice even more. Apparently there are even a few people that enjoy the sound of it.  Thank you for the words of encouragement!