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Tiffany Lee GastonHaving a new leg workout published in STRONG Fitness magazine’s training guide is very exciting!  You can go to to subscribe to the publication and training guide where you can download my leg workout.  Being featured on the cover is a huge honor as well.  I love collaborating with Paul Buceta and his amazing team, so anytime I can do that it’s a blast!

Working on some exciting and fun new projects and look forward to sharing more soon!


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Where can I. Find. This. Magizine. Strong. Fitness. At(what. Store?)

If you get a subscription, you can also read digitally! Not sure where you live, but it’s in many retailers and bookstores in AZ! Check their site for more info

Tiffany Lee Gaston haha those leg days ..

Tiffany Lee Gaston haha those leg days ..

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