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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed I’ve been training hard these past several weeks for a photoshoot.  Well, the cat is out of the bag and I am so excited to be in volume 5 of Bodybuilding.com’s Bodies of Work! I can’t say much about it, other than it was completely EPIC!  The previous installments have been nothing short of incredible and I’ve always admired the beauty of the athletic form, but this coming series is completely OFF THE HOOK!  Such an honor to collaborate with everyone involved.

If you don’t know much about this annual series, you can check out last year’s volume 4 here.  I will warn that while they are tastefully done, they are completely nude.

Next up, I’ve been asked to participate in the 2016 Dance for Dental, which should be nothing short of comical.  I may be athletic, but I am not too coordinated or graceful, so learning ballroom (should that be my dance of choice) will be interesting to say the least.  I will share more when it comes available and you can even vote for me online and help a sista out!

Our #LoveUP Foundation, supporting children in foster care,  is participating in lots of great things in the coming months, Phoenix Fashion week being one of them!  Support the cause and rock your #LoveUP gear at loveupapparel.com. Be sure to tag #LoveUP so we can repost your pics!

James Patrick is hosting his second annual Fitposium event on October 1st, and I will be on the guest panel answering your questions and giving away the tricks of the trade within the fitness industry alongside some pretty amazing peers.

Book signing at the Women’s Expo in early October and lots more badassery to come!

If you don’t yet have your copy of From Broken to Badass, it is available here on the site or on Amazon for all you Prime loving feigns (I’m certainly one!) and I will have signed copies with me at Fitposium if you are in attendance.  If you’ve already got a copy, I want to thank you for your support and hope you find some piece of yourself within.  My message aims to encourage all women (and of course men too!) to challenge themselves to leave situations that are unhealthy, seek help and support for struggles we cannot face alone, and ultimately release your INNER BADASS!  Thank you to those that have shared their bravery and inspiring stories over the years, you’ve all touched my heart and allowed me to open up and heal as well.

Thanks again to all that follow my journey and support me on various platforms, it is appreciated far more than you’ll ever know. #RBAB XO