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I promise nothing, but leaning towards this being my last show of my season.  I am currently out in New Jersey competing at Team Universe, at what I hope to be my final show of the season.  It’s been a blast and I couldn’t have asked for more to date, but it’s 118 degrees in Arizona and my show schedule is conflicting with my family’s ability to get out of Dodge.  We are normally long gone by July, so they patiently wait for me to finish up what I started, so we can go cool off.  The strict routine I keep while in season doesn’t allow too much flexibility with that.  I look forward to exercising my creative muscles again, in the kitchen, and sharing the fruits of that labor.  Watch for more home workouts, recipes and more.

I am hopeful for a good outcome at this Pro Qualifier, but in any case, I will keep coming back until I nail it.  I compete in this sport because I really do love it and  it challenges me on an individual level like nothing I’ve ever done.  This is my passion, my fire, and until it stops burning, I will work to evolve and improve.  The process of changing my body though the power of my mind is a challenge I am wacky enough to enjoy.

I am so thankful to everyone that supports my journey and you are the reason I push harder each time.  Now let’s go get some hardware!