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This transformation really resonates with me as a mother and as someone having battled an eating disorder myself as a preteen.  Jade still struggles as many of us do, but the next chapter of her life is what motivates her to stay on track and push harder than ever.  Jade, you are such a positive role model for your young impressionable step-daughters.  Clearly, you’d #RatherBeABadass!


Jade’s Story:

For over 20 years I’ve battled (sometimes winning, sometimes losing) the mental struggle that comes with eating disorders. At 32, the physical attributes of anorexia and bulimia are long gone; I’m no longer a frail 90lb teenager or the 150lb “big girl.”  I’m a healthy, 118 lb woman with a wonderful career and recently engaged to the love of my life and best friend. But, there is another side to eating disorders: The mental attributes. I still have days when I can’t seem to find a ray of self-worth in my soul and days when the only thing I yearn for is to lose those “last 10 pounds”.

What inspires me to push harder, get to the gym and do that an extra set of bicep curls is knowing that my sanity, my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle is now part of my job as a soon to be stepmom. It’s not just me anymore…my actions will impact the decisions of two beautiful young girls that I’m blessed to have in my life.


I couldn’t agree with her more! Our children watch us constantly and learn through our actions.  By educating them on eating healthy real food, watching us exercise and participating in being active together as a family, they will grow up with a sense of pride for maintaining good health.  Leading by example is the best gift we can give our children!  Congrats on your engagement Jade and all the best in life and health to you!