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super mom

1. Prioritize 

Yes, we all have busy lives. Do you have that one friend that seems to get it all done and never look back? Maybe it just seems like it. She is likely prioritizing her day and quite organized. That’s not to say that unless you’re a type A personality you will fail at this. You simply need to strategize and get your ducks in a row. No matter what faces you throughout the day, make a list in order of importance and tackle it. If it doesn’t get done, there’s always tomorrow. If tomorrow never comes, that’s fine too. You don’t need to get it done. Easy peasy.

2. Take care of you first

Though it may sound selfish, you must take care of you first and foremost. For me, my workout needs to happen. If not, I’m one grumpy girl. This is why before anything else, I train early. Sometimes I’ve even done it before my kids are awake. There’s really no guilt there. By doing this small thing for myself, my day (and everyone else’s around me) is better for it. If you neglect your own needs, you are really shortchanging yourself, but all others close to you will be affected. Trust me, go get that massage once in awhile, get a pedicure, a facial, do your workout. Whatever it is, do it for you. Everyone will thank you for.

3. Learn when to say no

Or how to. There are only 24 hours in a day. You have to get comfortable turning down opportunities that you really don’t have time for. Even just the ones that will chip into quality time with your family. No one is going to hate you for it. You just can’t be a people pleaser all the time. Your family is more important.

4. Be prepared

Plan ahead as much as possible. When my kids are in bed at night, I write down new recipes and the ingredients needed for them. When I go to the store, I have my list. When I get home, I try to wash all produce before putting it away. I butterfly cut chicken or dice it and marinate. It’s ready to go this way. When I cook a meal, I try to make more than is needed so we can have leftovers for lunch or the following night’s dinner. In doing a few of these small things, I’m prepared and ready for the next thing. Not too mention, it’s a major time saver.

5. Fake it till you make it

No one is perfect and keeping your act together at all times is hard, impossible in fact. I’ve learned whether you’ve got it handled or not, give the presence of, “I got this”. Even if you fake the funk every now and again, over time, confidence will come. You will really get the handle of doing even just a few of these things and your days will have a much better flow.

Live healthy,
JTG Nutrition