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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Change is good, we’ve all heard this or felt this at some point in our lives.  Whether or not its by chance or by choosing, growth comes from living out new experiences beyond our comfort zone.  You can not change what is, only what will be.  All things are meant to teach us something about ourselves.  If we choose to listen, the lesson lies within the experience even if it is a painful one.  Seeing your shadow behind you shows you how far you’ve come.  Let it serve as a reminder to never look back and always maintain forward motion.

Whether you have fitness or weight loss goals, continuing your education or whatever it may be, challenge yourself and you will see the law of attraction in action.  I would be down right bored if I didn’t continue to set new goals and aspire to improve myself each and every day.  I do it for me yet it benefits everyone around me.  I write down my goals and enjoy putting lines through them as I make them a reality.

Though the gym certainly has its place, I’m happy to be training outdoors again and this is an important part of me hitting my reset button.  When you do something you love, it may seem effortless.  While running on this mountain today, I found myself lost in thought and feeling as if I was floating above it.  Of course I realize this rigorous terrain is anything but effortless, but my perception is my reality.  Yours is as well. Change your thoughts, change your mind, change your world.

Tiffany Lee Gaston

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