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Phoenix Gaston

Please welcome….Phoenix! He’s our new English yellow Labrador.  I am so in love with him!  He is only 7 weeks old and now that we are back from a 3 plus week long trip, he had finally joined our family.  I’d like to think he is my sweet Jake (RIP 3/1/12) reincarnate:)

I wasn’t sure I loved his name, but the kids sure did.  We’ve had a long list going for a few weeks and there hasn’t been one that anyone has liked better. He is actually named after his daddy and what a way to represent on Father’s Day, huh?

Apparently, of the litter of 10 pups, he is the lightest and the closest in appearance to his daddy.  It just seemed appropriate.  There were initially 5 boys and it was hard to choose.  When we went to pick him up this morning, there were 2 boys left.  He really did choose us!  He leapt into my arms and was a snuggler from the beginning.  He’s the lightest white of the group and just gorgeous.

Phoenix Gaston

It’s great to be back and I so look forward to bringing some fresh, new Paleo recipe ideas to your dinner table.  I ‘m also excited since having announced my next figure show.  I will rev up my training in late October to be ready for the November 9-10th show.  All in all, LG.  Life’s good!

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