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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Happy Halloween! You’ve carved those pumpkins and they’re likely rotting and moldy by now, candy is everywhere you look and the stores have had Christmas decor and goodies out for weeks now, (can we at least celebrate Thanksgiving first?) so what’s next?  Feeling  weak?  Enticed by all the candy lying around?  You’re only human, just remember where you came from and where you are trying to go.

News flash…Get ready to stay the course!  Wrap your head around it now and just hang on.  Hang on to your goals and to your beliefs and don’t let the high calorie joy’s of the season take you over.   If you’ve been steady in your good behavior towards food, don’t let the holidays throw you for a loop.  You are stronger than the food and don’t you forget it!

As for Halloween, I pretty much let my kids go hog-wild for a day with their candy and then it goes missing.  They know it doesn’t have to go home, but it can’t stay here.  Keeping it around and grabbing a piece every time you walk past will only set you up for disappointment.  Before you know it, its Thanksgiving and you’re already upset with yourself for falling off track so you continue the overindulgence.  Then, the rush of  holiday parties are among us and you sip cocktails and pick at high calorie appetizers and fall further into the abyss.

Making the conscientious decision to have a little treat here or there, but not allow it to completely take you over and consume you is important to start right now if you haven’t already.  It is not uncommon to gain upwards of 7-10 pounds over the holidays and why have it to take off come January 1st if you can prevent the weight gain in the first place.  Again, I’m not saying you need to be perfect, that doesn’t exist.  I have my own weak moments, but I’ve discovered if I don’t keep alluring treats around, they can not taunt me.  Eating a heathly salad before a cocktail party can help curb you need to pick at the naughty things.  Just utilize moderation and you’ll be glad to have one less resolution to make!