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Happy Fourth!  I don’t even know where to begin, I’m just so excited about our recent adventures!  I realize I haven’t been very consistent lately, but if you happen to be on FB or IG, you can kind of see why.  We recently traveled to my home state of FL to celebrate the lives of my husband’s grandparents.  We met up with nearly 40 of his closest family members (actually, several I had never even met in our 14 plus years together) and scattered the ashes of his grandparents into the Atlantic Ocean.  It was such a beautiful experience and I was glad my children could be there to appreciate it.  The oldest two were definitely teary eyed as the event took place, but my little guy didn’t really understand it.  It makes me grateful to have found the type of love I have in my life.  It truly was one of those moments where you realize the “small stuff” just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.  To be a part of such an incredible experience, I will not soon forget.

Upon visiting, we stayed in a beach house with over 20 of those people.  While we all had our own spaces to retreat to, we shared a common room, the kitchen.  During this time, I realized how hard it can be to remain consistent amongst the general population.  While people are always telling me to “taste this” or “try that”, I graciously pass and realize one taste for me can mean I will return for the whole damn cake.  I get it, people think one bite won’t kill you, (and they’re right, it won’t) but I avoid temptation by not even putting that first taste into my mouth.  I have extremely strong willpower when it comes to this, however, once it hits my lips, game over.  Other than a treat meal or two during the week, I try not to even sample things for the purpose of staying on track and appreciating the meal when it is earned.

I ran 4 miles along the beach nearly every day and was able to keep my food fairly clean up until the end of the trip.  I enjoyed splurging on a few meals while visiting my family in Atlanta and it was wonderful.  To appreciate food, flavors and family and be even more eager to get back into a healthy routine can be very healthy and refreshing.  We all need to hit the reset button on occasion and should never shame ourselves for falling off the wagon.  Realizing that getting back on track for the next meal is all you need to refocus your goals and redirect your efforts.

Being back home, I couldn’t wait to thrash some iron around.  I was eager to hit the gym, clean up my act and I have such wonderful memories to show for it all.