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It’s exciting to finally be out promoting my book, From Broken to Badass!  Here’s a clip from my sit-down with Olivia Fierro of Good Morning Arizona, where I discuss a bit about once suffering from poor body image and self esteem, a topic many can relate to.

It is my hope that young girls and women have adequate information when it comes to fitness and health, what they see in magazines and on social media so they don’t fall into the same trap I faced early on.  Learning to appreciate and love your body is key, as well as striving to be your best self, not comparing yourself to others.  I once focused on all the things I wasn’t instead of all the incredible things I AM, and that shift in mentality has been the ultimate key to my success in overcoming the struggles of my younger years.

We have one body, so we may as well find the beauty in what we love about ourselves and wear it proudly, badass style! #RBAB

If you’re interested in my story, my book is now available here on the site or on Amazon!