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For the record, the above image is definitely not in any way, shape or form, a fitness ideal.  While it may be ideal for being on a stage competing for a figure title, it is not ideal for the everyday, mainstream woman looking to get in shape.  I am well aware of this and much prefer to appeal to the masses and not be some type of unidentifiable person that appears to be so strict that they cannot enjoy their life.  No thank you and let us just put that on the table right now.

I trained hard (which I still do) and ate a prescribed diet that is measured to the T to appear that way.  It is a sport like any other, where there is a certain standard to which we are judged.  No one should ever aspire to walk around every day looking like that, it’s not healthy, fun or relatable.  I think I’m pretty honest and forthcoming with you in that I like my wine, my occasional off the rails cheat and enjoying myself around others.  I certainly make time for what is important in my life in an effort to discover balance.  For without this balance, I would likely snap, binge or cry every time I gain a couple of pounds.  Because nothing is ever “off limits” to me, I don’t obsess over it like I once did.

photo 2

For the record, this is me.  No makeup, no filter, no photoshop, no posing, no flexing, just me.  I eat healthy 85-90% of the time, I have an occasional treat meal, I drink wine more days than not, I cook things that taste great, are healthy and fit into my Paleo lifestyle and I live my life.  I’m not walking around as lean as I could me, but with a photo shoot in two weeks, I will be ready with a bit of fine tuning.

I’d rather you see me for what I am, perfectly imperfect.  I love my family and I hate that I sat out for many important moments in the past, due to my competition lifestyle.  While I still pass up certain opportunities, I aim to be present in my life and the lives of my favorite people.  I’m only one person, trying to follow my passion, inspire others to do the same, but being real all the while. It’s what its all about for me.  This message was approved by #phoenixgaston, who by the way, is a significantly better swimmer than I am.

Be good to yourself!