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When it comes time to make a change, do you ever feel like you are simply spinning your wheels?  I want to address a question I’m frequently asked .   “I’m working out, eating right and I’m not losing any weight.  I’m frustrated, what can I be doing differently?”   My response is, If you really are doing everything perfectly, then you should be losing weight.  This leads me to think you are not being completely honest.  Not with me, but with yourself.

Maybe you need to really take a closer look at what you are eating.  If you think sneaking a bite here and there won’t hurt, let me just give it to you straight…You are kidding no one, but yourself!  As a mom, its very easy to grab a fry or piece of chicken of your child’s plate when they do not finish it.  Reaching for a late night treat because you have a craving?  These are all habits that can be broken and will help those extra calories you are mindlessly consuming.  We are all guilty from time to time, but being aware and accountable is the key to making a change and a real difference.

Journaling your food will hold you accountable.  You can really get a grasp on what is going on.  Don’t lie to yourself.  The best way to make a change is to take a solid look at the things you are doing and GET REAL!  Being in tune with your body and your health is the number one way to assess the situation.  I could train as hard as I do and eat cookies the entire rest of the day and it would completely wipe out my efforts.  What you do the other 23 hours a day has just as much impact as the hour you spend exercising.  Time to get serious.  Only you know what you are really doing and I can not help what you are hiding from me and yourself.

Let’s start here:

  • Be honest– Get real with yourself. Take a good look in the mirror and establish what you wish to change
  • Write it down- Set reasonable, measurable goals and put them somewhere you will frequently see.  Once you establish what you need to change, write it down so you hold yourself accountable
  • Follow through with what you say you are going to do.  It may help you to make a social proclamation in which you email or call your friends and announce to them you are competing in a half marathon.  Post it to your Facebook wall.  Put it out there so you feel inclined to follow through. Your friends will help to hold you accountable and may decide to join you in your race or weight loss challenge
  • Do it for you.  If you are trying to loose weight for any other reason than for yourself, you are going about it all wrong.  Be the change you wish to see.  Love yourself enough to want better for you.  Don’t ever let anyone else dictate how you feel about you!
  • Love yourself enough to want to improve your health.  Your family will benefit from having you feel better and be happier so in the end its a worthy cause for everyone.