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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Back from a long weekend of training camp at the Bombshell Headquarters in Florida.  I should say I’ve “recovered” since I truly have not been that sore in a long time.  I thought I pushed myself hard when I trained, but having the coaches take me through several workouts was an entirely new level of intensity.   I met with my coach, IFBB Figure Pro, Gennifer Strobo, who is headed off to the Arnold’s this week to compete.  I wish her the best of luck as she takes the stage among the industry’s finest.  She looks incredible and I’m confident she will do great!

I feel more driven and excited for this season than ever before.  Change of plan…I’m no longer headed to the Jr. USA’s, but will still compete in Pittsburgh on May 4th.  Now looking at doing the Bev Francis Atlantic States show on June 8 and possibly Junior Nationals the following weekend.  These changes are for the best and I’m focused on a great result.  I’m

I’m so glad that the sport of figure has changed as much as it has over the past several years.  The girls are coming in smaller now likely due to the addition of the Physique division.  I personally prefer a smaller, more streamlined look and really don’t want to add weight or size on to my frame.  Knowing that I tend to peak early, I will keep that in mind as I eat and eat and eat like a machine.



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