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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Everyone knows exercise is beneficial, but how much and how often are common considerations.  You may be uncertain of how to achieve your fitness goals or even unmotivated to do so.  The holidays often create many New Year’s Resolutions revolving around weight loss and brand new exercise programs.  There is never a shortage of new gym members during the months of January and February.   Many have a new found motivation and start out with a bang only to fizzle fast.   Perhaps a fun and functional fitness program to kick start your motivation is just what you need to get serious and take action.  In establishing any new program, consistency is number one.  Sticking with a functional program may be your key to success and a healthy, fit body.

Function, as it relates to fitness, simply refers to an exercise comprised of movements that utilize the core muscles of the lower back and the abdominals.  These exercises maintain a primary focus that involves movement to better aid in daily life, while preventing injury.  This style of training can be done in numerous ways, but one great example is with the use of sandbag training.  This functional exercise tool allows for movement in six degrees of freedom as compared to exercise machines found in a gym, which only allow for a singular plane of motion.  Not only do you have more freedom in your movements, but you also gain greater ability to burn fat and calories due to the cardiovascular and weight components of these multi-joint movements.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and creator of The Ultimate Sandbag, Josh Henkin, says his idea for the sandbag came about as a result of rehabilitating a back injury.  Josh shares, “varied types of people use his sandbags from military, police, firemen and women, schools, college sports programs and even high-level professional athletic teams from the MLB, NFL and NHL to name just a few.  Because a sandbag can be adapted to meet a vast range of fitness levels, it’s a universally beneficial workout tool.” He even offers a dynamic variable resistance training program or DVRT, which is a great system put in place for use with the sandbag.  Offering up hundreds of exercise progressions for use with the Ultimate Sandbag gives no excuses to a dull and repetitive workout program.

Lets be clear, its not easier, it may well be harder as far as intensity goes, but in order to benefit from this type of workout, you need to put in your maximum effort.  These HIIT workouts can be performed with a sandbag for optimal strength and cardio conditioning.  HIIT often takes half as long as steady state and is as beneficial or more.  Research shows that not only do you burn more calories during a single session of high intensity interval training, but you also burn more calories and fat in the 24 hours following as compared to steady state cardio, which can be quite a bore.

This is an example of a great HIIT workout you can do with a sandbag.  This style of workout will force you to stabilize as you go through these movements, thus engaging your core, raising your heart rate and strengthening your muscles.  This is the perfect all-in-one workout that you can do at home or even in a hotel room.  In only 16 minutes, you’ll be sweating and be on with your day.

What are you waiting for?  Get your sandbag now at The Ultimate Sandbag Store.  Now is the time to take your fitness to the next level and have fun while doing it.  Let functional training put the “fun” in your fitness.

Sample sandbag workout:

Set an interval timer for 4 rounds of 15 seconds rest 45 seconds work

  • Lateral Sandbag Plank Drag
  • High Knees
  • Overhead Sandbag Alternating Lunge (as shown above)
  • Mountain Climbers
Just a year ago, I began blogging to explore more of my creative side and life-long love of writing.  Never did I imagine the enjoyment it would bring to me or the interest of others.  I had the good fortune of having my writing featured in both of these wonderful publications this month.  Having an attitude of gratitude for all of the goodness in my life.  Dream big and follow it!
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