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In my recent explanation of why I feel compelled to maintain a certain standard for myself, it brought about an interesting explanation of my presence in the fitness industry.  While others may have double or triple the followers I have on certain social media sites, I couldn’t be more proud than to have positioned myself exactly where I stand today.  Sure, I could give you a complete T and A show too, but I won’t.  I have the most important people “following” me and  that is what matters most in my eyes…my children.

Although a passion of mine since I was very young, all I contribute to the industry is a hobby for me.  My full-time job is being the best wife and mother I can be.  Getting paid for a hobby is an excellent feeling and one I am most grateful for.  Accruing a fan base in the manner I have means more to me than any inflated number on a page.  Since I don’t get paid in likes, as one friend pointed out recently, why should I subject myself to being anything less than me?  I shouldn’t and that is where I firmly stand.  I may not have as many male followers as the women that portray themselves a bit differently, but if dudes are just drooling over my pictures and can’t appreciate what is between my ears, than I don’t much want them as followers anyway.  Lets be honest, I’m sure I’ve got a few of those as well, but there will always be a few of those too.

I feel a certain sense of pride in having all of you here with me organically and that allows me to be myself, sleep at night and feel good about the content I put out.  I wish some women would take a bit more pride in how they publicly carry themselves, but that is a choice we must all make for ourselves.