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With my baby bro at the lakehouse


Hey badasses – I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer to this point! Summer travel has got me all over the place, from Phoenix to Atlanta, Cali, Flagstaff & Vegas….but one thing has remained consistent, your girl is still getting her workouts in and grinding hard anywhere, anytime!

If I’m being honest, I’m actually a little sad to realize they’ll be heading back to school soon. This is different from year’s past, so I know there’s truly something more enjoyable to the current ages of my children.  Now my girls are 16, 15 and my lil guy is 10…I think we’re all enjoying each other’s company more than ever and that makes my heart so full! Are any of you at this stage now and feeling the same?  It’s really been wonderful to travel with children that actually want to hang with us, even amongst a nearly week long trip to a cabin with no wifi…dare I say, we all survived!


Alongside my all new Youtube channel, (I hope you’ve checked it out by now!) I’ve been utilizing these awesome workouts from the Les Mills On Demand App and I’m super excited to partner with them to bring you even more options to assist you in meeting your fitness needs.

This awesome app offers over 23 categories of workouts and all can be modified to meet any fitness level.  Challenging for the most advanced athlete right on down to the beginner and for everyone in between.  How or where can you find all of that in one spot?  This has certainly come in handy while traveling and even while home for that matter, because even I lack creativity and motivation to foster any type of fitness programming from time to time.  This app makes all of that completely mindless and I say, “Amen to that!” What’s even better is they’re offering a free 21-day trial to utilize it and you can cancel at any time, though I doubt you’ll want to. So, if you’re struggling for some fresh new motivation and energy, check it out for yourself and see what I mean.

Check them out and let me know what you think!