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Tiffany Lee Gaston


If you were to strip everything away in your life as you know it, where do you find yourself?  Are you satisfied with the life you are currently living?  Are you passionate about something to the point of doing it for free?  Can you honestly say you are happy?  For some, this seemingly simple question may not have such a simple answer.

Often in times of stress, I wonder why I do what I do … any of it.  If it all went away tomorrow, I’d still be the happiest girl in the world and this is a feeling that allows me to sleep well each night.   I have happy, healthy children, a husband who loves me like no other (this can be a real challenge at times, I recognize) and a life I am beyond proud of.  To me, I can with all honesty answer this question with a YES!  I know why I do the things I do; they make me happy.  I’m following my interests, sharing with others, supporting people in their goals and expressing myself creatively in the process.  To me this is what it’s all about.

Success means different things to everyone, but to me it is most important to “be about what you speak about”.  I have a strong spiritual side and an even stronger belief in myself.  I think this is a major component in finding your happiness.  Be the biggest advocate of what you believe in by living your life as parallel to those beliefs as possible.  Live and lead by example.

Learning to find joy in the little things can be a big awakening.  A lazy Sunday morning when I may actually get to sleep in until 7:00, a day out with my family, sitting outside in beautiful weather reading a great book are all things that put me on a wavelength of happiness.  Anything that heightens my spirit is a simple joy that I do not take for granted.  Appreciate the little things today.

Taking care of my family is no job at all, rather a labor of love.   It’s just what I do.  The same goes with figure competition.  People ask why I train for these shows, what’s in it for me.  Again, it’s just what I do.  If you find things you love and have an insurmountable passion for, talent in and you just do it without much thought, that will reveal your happiness.  I am not good at everything, but I feel strongly about the things that I am good at.  If you do not have this same fire inside of you, you just have not found your special gifts yet.  They are there, we all have them.  In time, they will reveal themselves.  Following these instincts is the fastest, most honest route to your happiness.  If you are happy, I commend you.  If you aren’t, what needs to change for you to take charge and make the necessary changes to answer this question with an assertive YES?

Think about this for a moment:  Are you looking for or do you base your happiness on someone else?  Do you need gratification and recognition from others to feel complete?  Are you envious of what others have rather than feeling satisfied within yourself?   Are you motivated to wake up each morning and do what you love?   What do your answers reveal?

Love harder

Sure you assume your husband, wife or kids know you love them, but do you tell them each day?  Never go to sleep without saying “I love you”.

Give more freely

Do because you want, not because you expect the thanks in return.

Surround yourself with people that are better than you

Sounds strange?  Think about this…if you hang around under-achievers all day the negativity is toxic and contagious.  It is extremely difficult not to take these feelings on personally if you are spending any amount of time with people of this nature.  You are who you hang around so be inspired, empowered and motivated to go after what you want by surrounding yourself with others that do the same.   Mentor someone in your field of interest.

Be positive even when you are not feeling it

You’ve heard it before, fake it till you make it.  It’s not always going to be butterflies and unicorns, so on the days you find a bit more challenging, go above and beyond to be positive.  It will begin to be the norm.

Pay it forward

Do something nice for someone without them knowing it was you.  The feeling is incredible and you will truly make someone’s day.

Give back to the community 

Volunteer your time if even for an hour or two to help a cause near to your heart.  Bring your kids along to participate and experience the pride that comes with giving your time for a great charity or cause.

Spend some quality time with your loved ones

Turn off the cell phones and video games, get outdoors and reconnect with you kids.  The effort goes farther then you may think.  They will appreciate the time you’ve spent with them instead of rushing around to finish laundry, doing dishes and picking up the house.  Those chores will always exist.  Your children grow up way too fast, so give your time to your kids and be in the moment.