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As I reflect back on what I am most grateful for this year, it is without a doubt my ability to be able to share elements of myself that inspire others.  Here I am, just doing what I do, as I have always done, and the feedback from others (especially moms and other women) has been more motivating and inspiring for me to continue on the path I have chosen than I’d ever imagine.

This year, I have looked inward with an entirely newfound appreciation for the gifts I have and that I am able to share with others.  I am humbled by my experiences  as I continue to push towards my goals.  As a figure athlete, I have never pushed my body so hard and with such determination towards a goal…a better me with each presentation.  As a wife, I am so grateful to have a man in my life that appreciates me for who I was meant to be and actually encourages it every day.  As a mother, these kids need me more now than they ever will.  These are the most formidable years of their lives and I have the ability to sculpt their habits now.  To be the person they look up to that has their best interest at heart, I will never take that lightly.  Never did I see myself here.

I am proud and I am most grateful to those around me that motivate me continually to want to improve upon myself and keep pressing on.  We all need people like this surrounding us. Thank you to all of you that cheer me on as I can only hope you know how much I appreciate you and all you represent to me along my journey.  You inspire me more than you’ll ever know.  I thank you so much!

Live healthy!