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Long ago I dreamt of writing a book.  Not another Paleo cookbook or a fitness related book, just a book about some very difficult and dark parts of my life that have allowed me to become the person I am today.  I believe that through our weakness we are able to build our greatest strengths.  I am proof of that.  I’ve put off revealing these things about myself  for a very long time for fear of being judged or feeling vulnerable.  Unless I trust you, vulnerability is not a side of me many experience.  Being sarcastic and outspoken is what comes natural and I pride myself in being real, so the decision to get really real is not one I took lightly.  Some of the people closest to me do not know these things about me, weren’t there for me during these dark times and might even be hurt in learning some of these things.  This has been my internal struggle in the decision in sharing my past with you.

Only recently, after being encouraged by a dear friend who I greatly admire, was I able to allow myself to show this side of me.  So as I spend the next few months allowing my darkness to shine some light, I am aware that my own fear of judgement and vulnerability has held me back from potentially helping you in some way.  I will no longer allow that to control me and I have committed to this project with my whole heart.   As each chapter floods out of me, this has become a sort of therapy over issues I have never completely dealt with.  My keyboard covered in tears, I know this is what I am supposed to do.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share my voice with you, I appreciate the support from so many of you that have chosen to follow my journey.  Maybe now, you’ll see what I am truly made of.

Be fearless,



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Deepika Chowdhury Reply

Tiffany, you are truly beautiful inside out. We all have dark stories hidden in our heart which we fear to share and take with us to graveyard. I would say you are not just beautiful but strong and fearless inside out to let the darkness out of your mind and fill it with light of satisfaction that someone out there will learn and will share the feelings with yours. It’s a great decision. And I respect you even more now!!!

That is so beautiful and touching to hear Deepika, I can’t thank you enough for the gift of your words. I appreciate it more than you know and so proud to witness your inner strength shine. You are a strong and powerful woman, keep up the great job! XO

Tiffany, I just want to say I think what you are doing is beautiful and so very brave. You are as strong on the inside as you are on the outside. You have again and again set yourself apart from other beautiful fit ladies, because, even at your sassiest, your generosity of spirit shows through. It is very clear that you do what you do because of a genuine desire to empower and encourage women you don’t even know. That’s a selfless and powerful hero in my book! And, everyone has their secrets, but, dang, does it ever feel good to take their power away. So proud of you! You will always have my support! Xo

Thank you for the kind words, it always touches my heart when women support and raise each other up. You have genuinely put a smile in my heart.

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