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What does this statement really mean? Well, it actually does not mean that a drug is completely safe or universally effective. It only means it is more helpful than harmful once the risks and side effects are weighed. FDA Approval, great, sign me up! Kind of sounds like we are in Vegas here and just taking a gamble. A gamble that in a few years time, after a sizable amount of people take the drug, the odds of potential side effects will not be worse than in the FDA test group. Cross your fingers.

I’m certain this topic is supremely controversial due to a large percentage of the population being overweight and even considered obese. The most recent article on Yahoo News this morning really caught my attention because it brings us right back to 13 years ago when a drug called fen-phen was being used for weight loss. This drug was found to have terrible, even deadly side effects, one such being a heart valve defect.

The question I ask … Would you jeopardize your health, potentially, for something that has not been studied that long, just in the name of weight loss? Sadly, many will. This new drug, Belviq, has very minimal weight loss in study groups and may pose serious side effects when taken in combination with other medications.

I know people are entitled to their own opinions, however, it’s very scary to me that another product like this is coming onto the market. What happened to eating better foods and getting more exercise? Are we so far beyond that we’ve lost ourselves in the quick fix of drugs? I realize that a significant part of the population will in fact jump all over this. Side effects or not, it’s all in the name of losing weight.

I genuinely respect those that put in their actual blood, sweat and tears to accomplish their goals in a healthy way. It may not be the “fastest” way in every case, but that only means it will become more of an actual habit and not a quick fix. It will be something you can maintain if you make actual lifestyle changes and not just trying the latest fad diet. If you look to better nutrition and exercise, you don’t have to worry about the “side effects”.

I can help you lose weight safely or even just maintain or improve your health. In putting better nutrition and supplements into your body, it can do amazing things on it’s own. The body has amazing healing capabilities on it’s very own.

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I hope you will choose wisely since it may be years before we know just what side effects this pill may cause.

Live healthy,