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Having just returned from the kid’s fall break getaway, I’m so ready for the cooler weather already!  It is definitely cold up north and the days here in Phoenix are now the time of year we live for.  With cooler temps comes fall softball, baking and cooking lots of yummy “healthy” comfort foods, Halloween and the sweet smell of pumpkin all throughout my home.  I love this time of year possibly more than any other.  I love boots, sweaters and the smell of fall in the air.

I decided to give my body a rest and not lift all week.  Instead, I ran every day which was killer.  I’ve been doing some altitude training on the weekends when we head up north, but this was the first time I did it every day for nearly a week.  My lungs were burning and it was great to challenge myself in a new way.  I’m ready to hit the weights hard again this week and I love the freedom I’m having working on my improvement season body.  Having the time to refocus before next season is helping me to really enjoy my training again, not to mention those around me to enjoy me a bit again too.  I’ve been able to be much more social, which is nice since I’m not one to enjoy watching others drink and eat things that are off limits to me.  I’m definitely eating clean and Paleo roughly 85-90% of the time, but not having to be 100% on point is helping my sanity level off.  Everyone needs a break from time to time, so having a treat meal once a week or in my case 2-3 times a week currently is completely fine if you continue to exercise and stay on track the rest of the time.  This also depends upon your metabolism as well.  No matter how disciplined you are or how far you still are from your goal, you absolutely need to splurge occasionally to help keep you on track.  It’s just human nature…if you forbid yourself something, you will want it 10 times more.

In closing, I was recently interviewed by The Athletic Build about everything from diet to exercise and then some.  Check it out here! Here’s a few images from the past week.  We visited the Meteor Crater in Winslow AZ and saw first hand what a bus sized asteroid hitting the earth at extreme speeds 50,000 years ago did to the landscape.  Pretty much a giant hole…that’s all she wrote.