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roasted chicken

Happy Monday morning!  After spending the weekend in Chicago, we are happy to be home with the kiddos.

It was so much fun to go to the infamous Wrigley Field and watch  a game from one of the Wrigley Rooftops.  Whose idea was this anyway?  It’s genius!

chicago cubs

I even did a burpee with the Cubs mascot.  I’m sure he thought I was nuts.

I had this for breakfast three mornings in a row.  Keepin in clean…

paleo breakfast

A Paleo snack attack…

paleo snack

Before we left the kids, I made this 5 lb bird for dinner. I haven’t roasted an entire bird before, but it was a surprisingly simple task. That said, don’t be afraid. What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe your dog will have a feast that night if your destroy it.

Roasting a chicken:

You will need:

a small chicken 5 lbs
butter or olive oil
sea salt
black pepper
garlic powder
onion powder
2 small onions

After rinsing my bird under cold water and patting dry, I placed on a roasting rack in a roasting pan. Then I rubbed it with olive oil and seasoned heavily. I placed chopped onions and celery in the cavity and around on the rack. Cooking times will vary, but at 350 degrees after roughly 1.5 hours, she was ready.

Let rest for 10 minutes and then have at it.

Live healthy,