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I am officially 5 weeks out today!   I know, that may seem like a ways off yet, but I am beginning to get excited about my next show.  I started a new meal plan this week and I really feel myself tightening up as a result.  I’ve gained 6.5 pounds of lean mass over the course of the past 4-5 weeks and now I’ve  noticed my arms are taking shape.   Mid week I discovered I’ve dropped 3 pounds so I will be making some changes to keep weight on and add back what I’ve lost.  Losing anything this far out won’t be a good outcome.

I haven’t been perfect, I’ll be totally honest.  I did slip up one night this week.  It may have involved Easter candy and it was clearly not part of the plan unless chocolate bunnies help burn fat.  Don’t think so.  I didn’t beat myself up over it, I got right back on track and even did an extra sweat session to make up for my bad behavior.  It was funny when my kids caught me red handed.  My daughter said, “Mom, you’re NOT supposed to be eating that!”  Oops, busted!

Having all these eyes on me helps hold me accountable even if they are just 10, 9 and 4 years old.   They know when I’m misbehaving and they definitely call me out on it.  They are also not too happy when it’s their candy I’ve gotten into.  These types of slip ups will not happen as the weeks go on.  I realize today I may have room for error, but I wouldn’t jeopardize anything if I knew I couldn’t.  I know how fast I come in once I buckle down so  it was OK to let my hair down just this once.  I won’t be making a habit of it beyond my typical Saturday night cheat meal.

I’m right on track and feeling more like Freak Diesel this week instead of Frank the Tank, so my mood is back on par.  I will be choosing the winner of my Gymboss Timer Giveaway today!  If you haven’t already submitted your image, there’s still time!  Send me a picture in your wackiest workout outfit and post on my FB Wall, Twitter or Instagram and hashtag #TLG.  Be creative!  I will choose 3 winners!

Have a wonderful Easter and don’t eat too many chocolate bunnies.