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As a kid, I never felt like I fit in. Girls were mean and would make comments about my “huge muscles” when I was merely lean enough to see definition as a young dancer, gymnast, athlete and all around tomboy.  It made me feel differently and out of place, even around some of my closest friends.  A self-conscious feeling would come over me any time I felt others looked at me differently and those remarks would ultimately come flooding back into my mind, even years later. It forced me to shrink myself down, which isn’t even something I realized I did until all these years later. Somehow, I always just felt outside of the circle, whatever that even means. Fast forward to now and because of what I’ve learned about people and relationships over the years, it has me seeking out better friendships; the non-hurtful type, along with a sense of pride over my type of “different.”


I believe we’ve shifted our focus as a society and strong women are without a doubt, all around us and more accepted than ever!  I’m fortunate in that I now view my body as something I am very proud of and the fact that I care for it as I do is not something that will ever change.  If you peruse social media at all, you’ve seen so many fit, strong ladies, inspiring us to become the best versions of ourselves.  It’s also fine if it doesn’t appeal to you, but please clearly know that if affects me in no way, and I will not hear that noise any longer.


Fast forward to today…girls want to be IN my circle now, want my advice, confidence, strength and power I now realize I possessed all along. It’s interesting to say the least… I’m grateful to have been part of what feels like an incredible transition and something that I’m so proud to have witnessed over the years.


Let us not raise our young impressionable daughters to feel “different” unless what makes them “different” can become a call to action and a force to be reckoned with. Ladies, I urge you to stand up for what’s right, behave in such a way you’d be proud to have your girls follow your footsteps and let’s break the mother fkn mold already! Grateful to see, we’ve come so far already and one thing is for certain; we’re not going anywhere but up from here! Who’s with me?


So let those special ladies in your tribe that hold you accountable, push you to be better and encourage your growth, know how much you appreciate their support! We’ve all got those special stars around us and I’m so very grateful for all of mine!



In good health,