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veggie pizza

If you’re Kristen Stewart, I know the answer already. She is being called the vamp tramp. Clever isn’t’ it?

It’s Friday! It’s usually pizza night, right? For me it is. Eating clean and training hard go hand in hand. After all, if you do one without the other, you will not get the desired results. I am a firm believer in moderation. I eat clean a large percentage of the time. For the times I want to indulge, I do so without guilt. When I’m gonna cheat, I’m gonna make it good. Believe me, if it isn’t worth the calories, I’m not eating it. I’ve developed pretty good self control over the years. It takes discipline and making it a habit, a lifestyle change, in order to stick.

However, it’s Friday night and you want pizza with the family. I’m saying go ahead and have it. My favorite pizza (even though pizza is not Paleo) is a thin crust with ham and jalapeño or a really, really good Buffalo Chicken pizza. For me, that is worth the calories. I’m also not talking all day long cheat meals either. Pick one meal and indulge. After that, get back on track and clean it up until the next time. It’s good to throw a wrench in the gears every now and again.

Live healthy,

JTG Nutrition