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anit bulling

I wanted to open up a line of communication about this subject. My reasons are personal, but if I can help others in doing so, than the message has been sent. I plan to share a very personal story, but I’d really like some input from you. It’s quite a hot button topic and I wanted to know your feelings about it.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a bully? If so, care to share your story? I feel the only way to heal from something is to learn from it. If you can help others in the process, than that is an even greater reward.

Conversely, have you ever been the person doing the bullying? If so, why do you feel you treated another this way. Have your views changed regarding your own behavior? Have you reached out to the person you treated this way?

I’d really like to know what you think and how you feel about this subject. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact me at jtgnutrition@yahoo.com. Your privacy is important to me. If you’d like to share, but wish to remain anonymous, I will respect that.

Live healthy,