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inspiration_signForcing inspiration is unnatural and can feel a bit like running up an icy slope.  That or banging your head against a wall, in which case will only leave you with a headache and not likely much inspiration in the end.  I often come across many people that I admire and find inspiration from.   I think one of the greatest gifts is to surround yourself with those that are better than you, because in the end, you are who you hang around.

In searching for things to share, I have decided to share your stories.  I find myself completely boring to be quite honest and I really enjoy learning from others and appreciate the differences among us.  Random acts of kindness, overcoming some challenge or obstacle, love, loss, overcoming a fear or special talent/skills will all be considered.

I’ve already got some great stories lined up for you and very eager to share.  If you have a story you’d like to submit for consideration, please send it to me at

Let’s all be inspired by each other.