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Hope your Thanksgiving was extra special, full of gratitude and most especially, indulgence!  What’s better? Indulgence without the guilt and that can be yours with my favorite protein bar, Built Bar! If you haven’t tried this amazing bar yet, this is truly the time with black friday specials on now!  Click here to check out all the incredible flavors!
Black Friday specials now live!!!! Every ITEM is $10 off! (except sample box) Built Bar, Built Boost, Built Bites . . . no matter what is purchased, $10 off *each item* will be taken off.  It is important to really drive home the point that it is off EACH ITEM, and not just off the total purchase amount.  This is HUGE!  Never before have they offered such a deep discount and it will be automatically applied at discount through my link.  
Also, now offering 40% off all items on my site with code “GIVETHANKS” at checkout!!!! Grab your copy of Awaken the Badass 12-week trainer in time to start working on your new years goals! Code valid on any product site wide.
Happy shopping and wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday weekend!