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If you haven’t heard, I WON! I took Masters, my height class and the Figure Overall win. What the what?  I could never have anticipated this win and I am still reeling from the excitement of that moment.  Wow is an understatement.

I’ve been so eager to share my experience in New York, yet I’m rather frazzled as I gear up to head to Chicago to compete at the Junior Nationals this weekend.  These back to back shows are going to really prove to me what I’m made of.  I must work well under pressure despite my current state of emotion.

During prejudging, I made first call outs for both of my divisions.  I must’ve been so excited about it that I ran backstage, got all of my things and left the building without my heels! Luckily, I was able to track them down as a fellow Bombshell teammate found them for me. Thank you Tarah!! Can you imagine what the night show would have been like with no shoes? I shudder at the thought. Settle down Cinderella or you’ll loose your glass slippers again!

When I got back home, my son was beside himself for the trophy unveil.  All three fit into my suitcase, so he sat there patiently as I unpacked them.  Once he saw them he shouted, “Those aren’t very big!”  He then proceeded to tell me that when we go to Chicago, I must “squeeze my butt hard and I will get a bigger trophy.” Interesting concept…perhaps I’ll try that next time.

This experience was incredible and I am so humbled by it.  I’ll never forget that moment, the noise, the glaring lights and the smell of Protan as it permeated all around me..all so unbelievable!  To everyone that supports me, believes in me, motivates and inspires me, I am doing what I love and grateful to share it with you.

Next stop, Chicago! I am eager and I am ready! Let’s go!