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Tiffany Lee Gaston

Sure, a little friendly competition is healthy, but the reality is, competing with yourself is the best way to improve in the long run.  I could compare myself all day long to my fellow figure competitors or other women in general, but I have my own genetics, my own way of eating and my own training style, so my results will always vary.  Trying to be more like someone else will only make you feel worse about yourself.  Like a fingerprint, you are unique.

I’ve clearly defined my goals in my mind and on paper and I read them repeatedly.  I want to be better than I was the last time I was on stage.  It’s always been about improvement and not perfection.  I’m not trying to chase an unrealistic goal, I’m trying to chase down the old me.  Be inspired by others, that’s fine.  Looking at healthy, fit bodies has always motivated me to stay fit.  Just maintain your true self in the process.

One thing I’ve recently started doing is to take my weakest area physically and work on it twice a week.  In terms of my training, I can’t stand bent over rows.  I make myself do them twice a week until my form is perfect and until I have worked to failure.  Doesn’t have to be an earth shattering improvement, just acknowledging an area you could use to improve and forcing yourself to work on it.  I find time to do this by omitting any training listed for my calves, LOL!

If I compete with myself, I will become the best version of me.   I’m not spending energy trying to be someone I’m not.  I look at images of myself past and present and watch as my body morphs into this “figure athlete” and its surreal.  I have worked hard and created this.  I have dragged my rear out of bed when I’d rather have slept the extra hour, I go out with friends and watch them eat anything they want as I eat my cold fish and asparagus and want nothing more than to snatch up their wine when they use the restroom.  I go the extra mile for me, because I want this.  This is my passion.

Be willing to do the things necessary to better yourself and stop looking in the rear view mirror.   Look instead at yourself and crave your own higher ground.