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Tiffany Lee Gaston

It would be easy to believe I am always upbeat and positive, live a stress-free life and have perfect children.  In reality, what rings true for you is no different in my world.  I have children that occasionally talk back or battle me on dinner, tons of stressful homework with 2 out of 3 of them (I’m not smarter than a Fifth Grader, I can barely help my Fourth Grader) and all the other norms of being a mom and wife.  What you don’t know is… the photographer, Mike Byerly, flew in from CA to shoot the above image of me.  I had a Makeup Artist lined up and she no-showed me.  I had to do my own makeup for the shoot, last minute and with a very high blood pressure.  I could have blown smoke out of my ears.  I wouldn’t say I was happy with the situation, but I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and the show must go on.  You can’t even tell I want to rip someones head off, can you?  See, Mama always said I’d be a great actress.

My priorities are important to me and I handle them accordingly, but there are plenty of days when I don’t get to take a shower until the late afternoon, don’t get to apply makeup and definitely don’t go out to lunch with the girls.  There are days I just don’t want to do anything.  I want to close the blinds, turn the lights out and ignore the world.  Going so hard for so long can make you simply crash and burn.  It’s rare, but when that happens, I know its my body telling me something.

Since I’ve decided to follow my passion, I am constantly writing, researching and studying the latest and greatest of all things on my to-do list.  This mind never sleeps and some nights are rough when I can’t quiet the fire inside.  I am learning, as I will for some time, to try to balance the many hats I’ve chosen to wear.   I’m fortunate to be “too blessed to be stressed”, but that doesn’t always come without strings.  I am real and have bad days just like anyone else.  I give in to cravings, I melt down and need a time out and I have days when it seems like the world is against me.  I choose to press on.  I have learned the storm will always pass and the rainbow lies on the other side. Learning to find value even in the days where you feel least productive has become and important lesson.  I can’t conquer the world everyday, the dragon must sleep sometime.