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IMG_0275There’s a lot of ways to get to the finish line.  The path you believe most in will be the way you acquire you own personal dreams.  I once had a strong passion for obtaining my Pro Card in figure.  Today, I will never say never, but I certainly have no shows on the calendar for the year.  I’m busy fulfilling other passions and dreams and if that ends up happening along the way, so be it.  I’ve decided these past months, I will not be lost in the title of “IFBB Pro”, it simply doesn’t matter as much to me any more.  As we grow and evolve, it is ok to change our course of direction.  To change what we once thought was important to us for what has become most meaningful in the moment now, that is the goal.  I thought at one time I’d feel disappointed within myself if I did not accomplish what I thought was the ultimate for me.  Turns out, I’ve surpassed it on many levels and continue to grow with or without what I once thought I needed to achieve along the way.  Please understand that goals change, people change, desires change and the need to be successful and happy, whatever that means to you, is what matters at the end of each day.  Be true to you and your own personal message.  I am in mine.