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My friends at Steve’s PaleoGoods have been helping people EAT GOOD and DO GOOD for nearly a decade. All of the products found at stevespaleogoods.com are made from high-quality paleo ingredients free of nitrates, gluten and junk. Steve’s offerings include jerky, grainless granola, protein bars, dried fruit, nut butters, dressings/sauces and snacks.

The best part? Each purchase changes lives—15% of all proceeds support Steve’s Club National Program, a non-profit that brings fitness, nutrition and mentorship to at-risk youth in 30 cities around the country.

My favorite Steve’s products are Beef Jerky and PaleoKits. In 2007, Steve was looking for a healthy lunch option for his young athletes from Camden, NJ so he vacuum packed jerky, nuts and fruit to stay fresh in their backpack. These kits turned into a solution for paleo people everywhere. Today there are several varieties including Original, Grass-fed, Mango and Coconut.

Steve’s line of Artisan Jerky and Meat Sticks are also awesome if you’re looking for clean protein. Many on the market contain sugar and preservatives, but not Steve’s! There’s flavors for every taste like Sweet Southern BBQ, Key Lime and Hawaiian Heat!

Steve’s grainless granola was first on the market and continues to be the BEST. PaleoKrunch comes in bags and bars with delicious flavors like Tropical, Maple Bacon, Apple and Nut-Free. His Dried Fruit is like nature’s candy, with no added sugar, nitrates or preservatives! The Dried Strawberries remind me of gummy bears and be careful not to eat a whole bag of Dried Mango in one sitting. It’s just that delicious!

Check out all the goodness at stevespaleogoods.com

Sandbag HIIT Workout

  • HIIT combines elements of strength training and cardio all in one
  • Compound movements work various muscles groups at the same time
  • Elevate heart rate to burn fat and calories and boost metabolism
  • More bang for your buck when pressed for time
  • Sandbag training can be done from anywhere and it a convenient alternative to the gym when short on time or traveling.
  • Utilize a free interval timer app on your phone

4 rounds of 40 seconds work | 20 seconds rest (24 minute workout)

Modify if necessary

  • Squat press
  • Plank drag
  • Overheard lunge press
  • Rotational deadlifts
  • Staggered stance shoulder to shoulder press
  • Clean and press