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This Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a note to my children.  I think it can difficult to express ourselves daily when we get so caught up in life.  It’s not as important for me to be celebrated today, but for them to understand that I have never been happier in any other role in my life than in being their mother.


Dear Rylie, Lexie and Davis,

Today, while you celebrate me, I want for you to know that being your mom has been the greatest gift I’ve ever known.  To watch you grow and evolve each new day brings me not only stress, frustration and anxiety, but also immense fulfillment and joy.  You have caused me momentary insanity on numerous occasions, yet I’ve never been happier than in this challenging role as your mom.  There is nothing you can ever do to make me stop loving you, but I will kick your ass to next Tuesday if you ever cross me.  All in all, while you may give me flowers and chocolates, (wine if I’m lucky) love and hugs today, please always know it is everyday that I am grateful to YOU.

You’ve given me the responsibility I needed to grow up, though nothing makes me happier than embarrassing you in front of your friends.   You’ve given me hope that I’m doing something right, you’re still alive and kicking at 6, 11 and 12 years old.  I’ve not even done that well with house plants.  You give me pride that in most instances, you heed my advice and bow down to me in submission.  I’m glad you occasionally feel I guide you in the right direction and always have your best interest at heart.

Rylie Shea, I hope you do get that softball scholarship to ASU, because I know you are a kick ass pitcher and get better every single day since you were eight years old.

Lexie, I know I will soon be your very own Kris Jenner mom-manager, though it frightens me, but I will not allow anyone else to fly you all over the world when you become a famous entertainer.

Davis, I’ve never known how incredible it would be to have a little boy.  I’m so glad daddy talked me into “just one more…” You steal my heart with every kiss and cuddle and I hope you find a love like mine someday, though I will be filtering out the psychos for you because I know you are quite the lady-killer already.

Ultimately, this Mother’s Day, I just want to say thank you to my children.  Thank you for allowing me to be your mother, to sit on the sidelines and cheer you on loudly.  It has kept me out of trouble and in line and most definitely on my toes.  You should also know that I wouldn’t be half this awesome at my role if I didn’t have such an amazing partner by my side.  I couldn’t do a fraction without the support of your incredible father, so #SilverFox, this one’s for you too!  XO