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Tiffany Lee Gaston

I’ve decided to step onstage again in the upcoming NPC Western Regional in November.  Once I made the commitment to myself to compete again, I’ve been very excited about it.  Yes, you must be a little off your rocker to be enthused by this sort of thing.  The select crazies, myself among them, love training, weighing food, pinching fat and everything in between only to get on a stage under super bright lights and prance across in nothing more than a  bikini and be judged by an audience of people.  Carefully pointing out and mouthing your flaws to each judge beside them, I can often read lips and have heard things no woman ever wants to hear.  Or does she?  If you are me, it only pushes me to work harder and be better, for nothing worthwhile is ever easy I’ve been told.  Easy it is not, exciting, I believe it is.

Tiffany Lee Gaston

I am looking forward to coming in even better than before with the dietary and lifestyle changes I’ve made since the last show.  I had quite a different approach with my food and training last time and I feel like I will be stronger and better this go round as a Paleoista.  I’m definitely looking forward to it and the challenges it will bring.  Told you, I’m whacked.

Tiffany Lee Gaston

Moving forward, you will hear more of my rants regarding training and show prep.  I will continue to blog my recipes and such when possible, but to incorporate my training schedule and meals on a daily basis.  Any one interested in preparing for a show or even just curious about the life of a figure competitor, will get an inside look at some of what goes on behind the scenes.

Here comes crazy.  I think my husband and children took cover last time so I will attempt a more balanced approach this time.  I’m bringing in some new supplements from Herbalife24 line which is geared more towards the athlete.  I will discuss the supplements I will be taking and incorporating into my current regime in the upcoming weeks.

Have a great weekend!

Live healthy,