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Tiffany Gaston

It’s starting to feel closer, though it is still two whole months away.  Feeling great, feeling stronger and most of all, I’m seeing the results of my lifting beginning to transform the areas I’m targeting most.  If you need to change things, you have to get honest with yourself to determine exactly what you want to accomplish and put a plan to action.

Like an artist and his brush, you control each stroke toward the final image.  I have to say, I am really enjoying my prep this go round.  It’s not always been this way.  Walking into it from a clean, Paleo point-of-view has helped immensely.  My mind was already transformed prior to my decision to compete again and I’m so grateful for the way things are falling into place.

Upon seeing my progress pics, a fellow competitor commented that I could cut water and walk the stage now.  This was an eye opener for me.  I realize that given where I’m at right now, I must be careful not to peak too soon.  I’ve never begun training at the 11-12 week out mark.  I have only started around 8-9 weeks out previously.  Though this could have been fine for me this time too, I decided that I wanted to try a few different things that could potentially cause set back so I better calculate it in.  I realize a few cheat meals here and there won’t hurt me and are likely needed, but the mental aspect of it is like my golden handcuffs.  I have fear over it yet acknowledge I probably need it.

My last show I did a few things wrong.  For starters, I was training for the Disney Half Marathon at the same time.  Looking back, that’s a total oxymoron.  It’s completely counter productive to build muscle and run it off all at the same time.  Today I ran 4 miles, which I realize I should not be doing, yet for me I do what I need to do for my mental as well as physical.  If running is a part of you and someone tells you not to do it,  it seems insane.  I decided if I feel the need to run once a week for this type of distance, I will make up for it by pushing heavier weight tomorrow.  I need it for now.  It’s my peace, my sanity, my therapy and for lack of a better word, it’s my saving grace.  I find no other tranquility like I do in my running.  I think you can gather I’m not giving it up without a fight.

In total, I’d say I’m quite happy with exactly where I’m at today.  I will continue the current program I’m on until I feel a change is needed.  Constant assessment will aid it a symmetrical, balanced look which it’s exactly what I’m striving for.