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GymbossSuit fitting today!  I’m very excited to see what it looks like since it’s a custom idea I had that my designer will bring to fruition.  Once you put that suit on, you become a figure competitor, which in my mind is kind of like becoming a superhero.  I can rescue small children whilst running leaps and bounds in clear hooker heels and a skimpy bikini without messing up my hair or makeup.   Ok, maybe my carbs are a bit low at the moment.

From this point on, I will watch what happens with my current food intake and really make some fine tuning assessments around the 4 week mark.  Things are going well with respect to training and diet.  I’m definitely feeling my mood fluctuate this week but I have my hormones to thank for that and not my diet. Fun being a girl sometimes.  I’m noticing more changes from one week to the next, mainly on the backside.  I’ve been squatting, pressing, box jumping and jump squatting up a storm trying to build a bigger butt.  Who says that?   I’m happy to say things are shaping up nicely.  I’m seeing my shoulders round out a bit more and I’ll be glad to keep what I have and not add any size anywhere from here on out.  The pros appear a bit larger than my current look and that’s just fine with me.  I have no desire to be anything but symmetrical and balanced and bring a good overall package.

As you know, I love my Ultimate Sandbag. Either on the road or at home, it’s really great for me to incorporate it into my high intensity workouts.  Now that I’m 7 weeks out from my figure show, I still have plenty of opportunity to use it at for at home training, conditioning and warm ups.  I do a plyo and speed drill day and this is a great addition to my functional training workout to keep my overall conditioning up.  In keeping your diet clean and utilizing a sandbag workout like this one, you can discover amazing results right from home.

Here’s a workout you can modify to meet any level or ability.  It’s quick, it’s tough and it’ll make you a fat burning machine.  It was intended to be a video for you, but I had some issues.  I hope you will find the images helpful for proper form and technique.

 Here’s the breakdown:

 Set your Gymboss timer for:

 20 rounds 15 seconds rest 45 seconds work

 Sandbag Lateral lunge (right)

 Alternating Single Leg Dead Lift with 5 Rows at the top

 Sandbag Lateral lunge (left)w/ pause at the top to stabilize on one leg

Alternating lunge with a clean on the deceleration

Bear hug squat

Sandbag lateral lunge (right side)


 Alternating Single Leg Dead Lift w/ 5 Rows at the Top

5 Rows While in Position
 Sandbag Lateral Lunge (left side) I know this is my right 🙂
 Alternating lunge with clean on deceleration
 Power clean on the deceleration
Bear Hug Squat

Go low, but don’t let your knees extend beyond your toes


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