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We spent this past week in Newport Beach for my kids fall break. It was a really nice escape from a lot of the stresses I’ve been juggling. The weather was beautiful and much of our time was spent outdoors. The beach, the bay, the breeze; it’s my heaven.

I love Newport and in spending lots of time there, I love to run and train outdoors when in town. This time, I needed to maintain my training in full force and found the perfect place to do so. The family owned Newport Beach Athletic Club welcomed me while in town. The owners and staff were super friendly and they had everything I needed. A big thank you!

These next weeks will really put my mental strength to the test. With Bombshell training in full effect, I’ve got to be in the zone. My meals are prepared for the entire week and frozen. It generally takes me 3 hours to do this each week, but the time in saves me during the week in priceless. You know the expression, “If you fail to plan then you’ve planned to fail.” I really couldn’t do it otherwise.

More than the physical, there is much to be said for the art of visualization. If you can visualize the finish line and act as if, you can get yourself there. I’m here to do what it takes and I will not succumb to the nagging voice than urges me to give up when I’m tired.

Live healthy,